Update: Beginning in 2020, my daily updates will be provided exclusively to supporters of my Patreon campaign as a short, daily podcast episode.

Every morning I wake early to write, and as part of my accountability, I record and post those sessions along with my commentary to YouTube.

The funny thing about progress is that, if you don’t put any work into it, you don’t make any. Unless you’re a very round boulder on the top of an incline. But one could question if rolling down hill, in that instance, is truly progress.

So it applies to my writing. If I do not put my butt in a chair, I will not write. It just won’t happen. As with so many writers, I must stake my claim to writing time, because none will manifest itself without my effort.

For over a year, I’ve posted daily entries of a YouTube writing journal I call Sneaking Out of Bed to Write. Every morning I wake early, write for as much time as I have (around getting ready for work and leaving on time), and then discuss my progress in a voice over which I record while I take the dog out afterward, or in the car during my commute.

Knowing there is meant to be a journal entry every day, and that random internet strangers can judge me by my lapses, I hope to further develop my good writing habits by sitting down every day and typing typing typing as if everyone is watching.