Peridot Shift – Salvage Cover

SALVAGE Interviews and Essays

As part of the SALVAGE launch, I did a mini tour of appearances. I have been busy working on production of the two other books I released this fall, plus drafting new stuff, so the tour this time wasn’t as extensive as it was for FLOTSAM in 2018. Still, you may have missed some or […]

Theodore_Hunger and the Green_ebook

Hunger and the Green Content Warnings & Tags

“I’ve always said Fantasy didn’t have enough unethical surgery. Thank goodness for Dr. Theodore.” — John Wiswell, author of The Tentacle and You Content Warnings: Murder, obsession, dread, violence toward people with disabilities, grief and loss, religious dogma, law breaking, torture, manipulation, blood loss, unethical surgery, hostage situations, anxiety, frustration, guilt, lies and deception, betrayal, omnipresent threat, […]

Soo… BTW (with transcript)

TIL that “Sneaking Out Of Bed To Write” spells “Soo.. BTW” and I’m alive. 00:01 Hey there, I haven’t done one of these in awhile and I also didn’t tell you that I wasn’t going to. I’ve had throat issues and I’ve been trying to let my throat recover from some apparent vocal cord damage […]

Peridot Shift – Salvage Cover

SALVAGE release day!

A high-stakes adventure in a magic-infused world The highly anticipated second entry to R J Theodore’s debut series, SALVAGE will transport you back to the shattered, magic-infused world of Peridot. The broken planet of Peridot is headed for its second Cataclysm. One of their gods is dead, and those that remain are too distracted by […]

Peridot Shift – Salvage Cover

Salvage Content Warnings & Tags

Content Warnings: Assassination attempts, poverty, violence toward children, genocide plots, bigotry, racism, classism, obsessive ex-lover, violence, grief and loss, religious dogma, law breaking, torture, manipulation, blood loss, hostage situations, near drowning, anxiety, frustration, guilt, lies and deception, betrayal AO3 Tags: long term plan to get your life back, doing whatever it takes, sacrificing everything even […]

The Silent Fringe by R J Theodore

THE SILENT FRINGE release day!

Loneliness and Hope in the Space Between Dimensions THE SILENT FRINGE joins Ehli Landor, the cutest, squishiest alien you’ve ever met, as she tries to escape dimspace, find her home, and avoid getting endcased by the only company she has. This story follows my novella, THE BANTAM. (Yes, it helps to read them in order.) […]

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