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Pre-order The Silent Fringe and you could win signed books!

The Silent Fringe releases Tuesday! For the final stretch, I’m running a giveaway for anyone who preorders the book, from any retailer! One winner will receive a signed print copy of both The Bantam and The Silent Fringe! To enter, forward your dated pre-order receipt to Your receipt can be a scan, screen capture, or forwarded […]

The Silent Fringe by R J Theodore

The Silent Fringe Content Warnings & Tags

Content Warnings: isolation, threat of death, guilt, anxiety, survival, hauntings (of a sort), tension surrounding rule breaking, hurting the ones we care about, slavery for capitalist benefit A03 Tags: asexual relationships, searching for answers, AI who might kill you but still needs a hug, Wilson from Cast Away, but as a robot, nonbinary pronouns, cephalopod […]

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The Silent Fringe Available for Pre-Order

Phantom Traveler Book Two releases August 27! A critical failure of the Landor’s gate drive has left Ehli stranded in dimspace. Her only companion is BEETL—a drone programmed to terminate any Iscillian who endangers the ship. Ehli definitely qualifies. She caused a gate drive failure when she was driven to distraction by the personal pursuit of […]

Appearance: Readercon

I will be at Readercon in Quincy, MA this coming weekend. I have no scheduled panels or readings, but I will have Advanced Review Copies of SALVAGE with me, along with some fun Sporkpunk and series SWAG. Hope to see you there!

Shop Talk: Subconscious Work Is Part of the Work

[0:00] Congratulations! You have survived another month. Which means it’s time for a new Shop Talk. You are either coming to me on YouTube and seeing the video—and for you I have put on make-up—or you’re coming to me through your podcast aggregator and you’re listening to the Hybrid Author Podcast. Either way, welcome. Speaking […]

Shop Talk: Publication Calendar for Hybrid Authors

[0:00] Welcome back. I am Rekka, writing science fiction and fantasy as R.J. Theodore, and you, my audience, are coming to me one of two ways. You are either watching this video as my R.J. Theodore YouTube monthly shop-talk or you are listening as a subscriber, hopefully, to Hybrid Author Podcast. The podcast is audio […]

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