Shop Talk: Finishing Energy vs. Starting Energy

Rekka: 00:01 Welcome back. Today I want to talk about Finishing Energy versus Starting Energy in the sense that they are two energies out of myriad energies. But I have heard people talk about Finishing Energy before as though there’s Finishing Energy and then there’s Everything Else. I don’t hold to that, but I am […]

Universal Translators, Alien Language, and Idioms

Last night I was watching Star Trek: Voyager and the episode “Nemesis” came across the queue. It sounds like a homage to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome with the inhabitants of a planet communicating in an “English” that is thick with euphemisms and idioms. It added interest to the conversation, but raised some questions in my […]


Working with an Editor: Not Change, But Evolution

While I worked for years – twelve of them – on my book, I knew one day I’d eventually send it to an editor as the final trial before publication. What I pictured that editor doing to my book either involved many measuring tapes and 10x magnifying loupes, many feather dusters or many match books. […]

Flotsam Audiobook cover


This morning I promised Colin of Parvus that I’m done with FLOTSAM. No more revisions. No more layout changes. Forever and ever, Amen. Revisions to the manuscript itself were locked in last Tuesday, in reality, when Colin and I Zoom-conf’d for 3.5 hours to go over my notes from the audiobook review and prioritize any […]

Audio and Print Proofing

Biathlon of Proofing

The audio files for proofing/QC arrived on Saturday morning, which was perfect timing for getting them reviewed and sending my comments back on schedule, but wow that was an intensive weekend. My back and neck (plus right shoulder) are not happy with me. Thankfully I got out for a couple hours this weekend to walk […]

Launch Sequence

Life lately has been a flurry of Flotsam-related emails and phone calls. It is tremendous and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it’s left my head in a bit of spin and it’s definitely impacting the work I’m trying to get done on Phantom Traveler. Add to the mix that the Ketovangelist team […]

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