The Silent Fringe by R J Theodore

THE SILENT FRINGE release day!

Loneliness and Hope in the Space Between Dimensions THE SILENT FRINGE joins Ehli Landor, the cutest, squishiest alien you’ve ever met, as she tries to escape dimspace, find her home, and avoid getting endcased by the only company she has. This story follows my novella, THE BANTAM. (Yes, it helps to read them in order.) […]

The Silent Fringe by R J Theodore

The Silent Fringe Content Warnings & Tags

Content Warnings: isolation, threat of death, guilt, anxiety, survival, hauntings (of a sort), tension surrounding rule breaking, hurting the ones we care about, slavery for capitalist benefit A03 Tags: asexual relationships, searching for answers, AI who might kill you but still needs a hug, Wilson from Cast Away, but as a robot, nonbinary pronouns, cephalopod […]

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The Silent Fringe Available for Pre-Order

Phantom Traveler Book Two releases August 27! A critical failure of the Landor’s gate drive has left Ehli stranded in dimspace. Her only companion is BEETL—a drone programmed to terminate any Iscillian who endangers the ship. Ehli definitely qualifies. She caused a gate drive failure when she was driven to distraction by the personal pursuit of […]

Production Update

Now that the Containment Unit is completed (more on that in a future post!), I have a pile of projects that have been neglected to one degree or another since March. THE BANTAM I have a printout of the latest version and I will be going over it one last time, trying out some tips […]

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SFWA Nebulas Schedule 2018

Do you live near or will you be in Pittsburgh, PA this weekend? If so, please come introduce yourself! I’ll be attending, speaking, and signing during SFWA’s 2018 Nebula Conference and Awards Ceremony at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center this weekend. You can find my schedule here. Around that I will be trying to soak […]

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2018 – The First Two Weeks

Wow. Just. Wow. I knew, at the end of December, that I felt very positive about 2018. And it wasn’t just me. There seems to be this hum, this buzz, this vibe. I heard excited, unabashed whispers from everyone and every corner that 2018 is going to be big. My buzz increased with everyone I […]

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