Working with an Editor: Not Change, But Evolution

While I worked for years – twelve of them – on my book, I knew one day I’d eventually send it to an editor as the final trial before publication. What I pictured that editor doing to my book either involved many measuring tapes and 10x magnifying loupes, many feather dusters or many match books. […]

Audio and Print Proofing

Biathlon of Proofing

The audio files for proofing/QC arrived on Saturday morning, which was perfect timing for getting them reviewed and sending my comments back on schedule, but wow that was an intensive weekend. My back and neck (plus right shoulder) are not happy with me. Thankfully I got out for a couple hours this weekend to walk […]

Bravado and Braggadocio

I have a lot of confidence about my writing when I sit down to craft stories about other people. Not so much, when I need to write about myself. If you follow my blog, you know I’ll share my rough spots as much as the shine. It’s who I am: a real person, being as […]

Projects on my Plate

I’m in a very to-do listy mood today. Sometimes all the joy I get comes from planning and deciding on directions and next steps. Thankfully this doesn’t happen every day, because plans never engaged don’t go far. I spent yesterday afternoon playing Skyrim. I figure listy moods probably come from the deep, painful, lingering guilt […]

NaNoWriMo Recap

I suppose I should talk about NaNoWriMo. About juggling multiple projects in a month-long attempt to write 50,000 words. I did the same for last year’s NaNoWriMo in this post and that format seems as good as any to rip off and use again. Goal Checklist Complete a new draft of Love & Pickpockets, goal of […]


There are always more words

As I worked on my most recent set of NaNoWriMo short-form projects, the serialized episodes of Phantom Traveler, I ran into a stitch. Love & Pickpockets and The Bantam (working title) were both new drafts. Even though The Bantam was based on existing work, it was a prequel, and the later work, I knew, would […]

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