Production Update

Now that the Containment Unit is completed (more on that in a future post!), I have a pile of projects that have been neglected to one degree or another since March. THE BANTAM I have a printout of the latest version and I will be going over it one last time, trying out some tips […]

Universal Translators, Alien Language, and Idioms

Last night I was watching Star Trek: Voyager and the episode “Nemesis” came across the queue. It sounds like a homage to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome with the inhabitants of a planet communicating in an “English” that is thick with euphemisms and idioms. It added interest to the conversation, but raised some questions in my […]


Working with an Editor: Not Change, But Evolution

While I worked for years – twelve of them – on my book, I knew one day I’d eventually send it to an editor as the final trial before publication. What I pictured that editor doing to my book either involved many measuring tapes and 10x magnifying loupes, many feather dusters or many match books. […]

Bravado and Braggadocio

I have a lot of confidence about my writing when I sit down to craft stories about other people. Not so much, when I need to write about myself. If you follow my blog, you know I’ll share my rough spots as much as the shine. It’s who I am: a real person, being as […]

Kickass Keto

2018 – The First Two Weeks

Wow. Just. Wow. I knew, at the end of December, that I felt very positive about 2018. And it wasn’t just me. There seems to be this hum, this buzz, this vibe. I heard excited, unabashed whispers from everyone and every corner that 2018 is going to be big. My buzz increased with everyone I […]

Projects on my Plate

I’m in a very to-do listy mood today. Sometimes all the joy I get comes from planning and deciding on directions and next steps. Thankfully this doesn’t happen every day, because plans never engaged don’t go far. I spent yesterday afternoon playing Skyrim. I figure listy moods probably come from the deep, painful, lingering guilt […]

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