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R J Theodore lives in New England, where she works by day as a graphic designer, and splits her free time between writing, reading, and design. She consumes stories in all forms, be they books, movies, episodic video, games, and graphic novels.

She wrote (though never finished) her first novel at age thirteen. It was a Star Trek fan fiction, and it’s probably best that it’s been lost to the ages. As she approached college, her focus switched to illustration and design, but she rediscovered story telling through narrative after graduating from art school. With the release of Flotsam, Theodore will debut her Peridot Shift series of steampunk first contact novels.

She is passionate about her family, art and creativity, and nutrition education.

If you’d like to support R J Theodore’s creative endeavors, you can purchase her books or pledge your support on Patreon (and be the first to read short stories).

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